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30/07/2023 17:06

Even after 1 year since the owner’s departure, the dog continues to lie faithfully beside the stele, cherishing the memory of its beloved deceased owner

A heartbroken dog cannot handle the loss of his owner. He sobs on his tomb, unable to cope with his loss. This is a true example of how deep emotions dσgs spread towards their owners.

Wiley the wolf-dog had been so devoted to its late owner, Gladys, that it was difficult for him to comprehend that she had died.

A distressing video shows the bereaved dog wailing uncontrollably at Gladys’ burial while lying sadly on her gravestone.

The video, which has touched the hearts of thousands of viewers, shows Wiley sobbing and shaking as family members gather around him.

In one scene, a family member is seen reaching out to soothe a crying Wiley and saying, “We miss her too.”

Since it was shared on YouTube by user SarahandtheWolves, the video has had over 9,174,611 views.

Wiley is one of the military wolf-dogs that treat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after they return from combat, according to the YouTube account SarahandtheWolves.

The military wolf-dogs give rehabilitation and care to veterans through LARC, the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre, which specializes in wolf-dog and horse care.

The user also supplied an explanation to allay any fears about Wiley’s health.

“I’m not a vet, so I can’t say if he’s reverse sneezing like some of you,” SarahandtheWolves wrote.

“I can assure you that he has never done it before and has not done so since. I may be anthropomorphizing his acts, but this is how I choose to cope with loss…”

“Also, for those who say he’s dying, I assure you he’s not. The sanctuary has a veterinarian on site, and Wiley is great.”

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

It has been a year since the owner of the dog left this world, yet the dog has not forgotten him. Every day, the dog lies on the stele where his owner’s ashes were placed to pay tribute and remember him. The devotion and loyalty of this furry friend are truly remarkable.

The bond between a pet and their owner is special, and when that bond is broken, it can leave an everlasting impact. This dog’s owner meant everything to him. The owner was the one who gave him love, care, and a home. When the owner passed away, the dog felt a deep sense of loss and grief.

However, even in the owner’s absence, the dog continues to honor and remember him. It is as though the dog knows that his owner’s spirit still lingers around the stele. It’s a beautiful display of the kind of loyalty and devotion that only dogs can provide.

The dog’s presence at the stele serves as a constant reminder of the owner’s love for him. The owner might have passed away, but the dog will never forget him. In a way, the dog’s actions also serve as a symbol of the deep bond between pets and their owners.

The passing of a loved one can be difficult to come to terms with, but having a loyal pet by your side can help ease the pain. This dog’s unwavering love and devotion to his deceased owner serve as a beautiful tribute to the power of love and the bond between a pet and their owner.

In conclusion, this dog’s actions show us that true love and devotion never fade away, even after the passing of a loved one. The owner might be gone, but his memory lives on through the loyalty and love of his beloved furry friend.

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