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14/06/2023 19:41

Emotional Reunion: Stolen Service Dog Collapses into Man’s Arms, Overwhelmed with Joy and Emotion

The Virginia Beach Police Department is investigating the theft of a vehicle containing a man’s service dog.

Bobby Linville, a street performer, claims that his eight-month-old Husky mix, Baby Girl Blue, was in his van when it was stolen from a parking lot.

Without Blue’s assistance, Linville struggles to lead a normal life. Blue provides Linville with psychological and physical support. Blue can anticipate his autistic tendencies and epileptic seizures. Additionally, he suffers from PTSD, and Blue is there to assist him in coping with this.

“I couldn’t care less about my van.” My boss’s extensive car collection allows me to purchase another automobile. A vehicle is plentiful, but my dog is irreplaceable. Do you understand what I mean by saying my dog was my right-hand man? Linville told 10 On Your Side, “Like, my best friend, my everything, I’m attempting not to cry right now.”

Baby Girl Blue was discovered and transported to the Norfolk Animal Care Center by a Norfolk police officer. They observed the missing dog report on WAVY News 10 and located Linville in order to reunite the two.

Linville was glad to have Blue back in his arms after she collapsed from happiness upon seeing her human.

Linville is relieved to receive the return of his beloved pet, but he is now homeless. The guy who stole Linville and Blue’s van is still being sought by police. Linville and Blue were living in their van.

On the other hand, Linville is attempting to save money to purchase a new van.


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