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24/08/2023 18:06

A Policeman Saves A Dog Who Had Been Left Alone In A Garden And Gives It A New Home,Hope and much Love

A stray boxer-pit bull mix lay on the ground in a public park in Bloomington, Indiana. The dog was hungry, hurt, and had been left there by its owner. When people saw her, they called the local sheriff’s office right away for help. It broke people’s hearts to watch.

Within minutes, Jeff’s fiancee, Rosie Ahlberg, was driving back home with their dog, Daisy, in the backseat. The dog was stuck because the local animal shelter was closed for the day. They agreed to let her stay with them for the night.

As soon as regular volunteer Ahlberg could, she took Daisy to the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control facility. After taking care of her open wounds and burns, they found that she had a torn ACL, a damaged meniscus, a luxating patella, and most likely years of emotional trauma. Daisy is only a few years old, but she has already had four owners, and they found her.

The owner said that Daisy had been hit by a car in April, and now they didn’t want anything to do with her.

Ahlberg and Ripley had the perfect chance to show Daisy how much they cared.

Ahlberg said, “Jeff cares a lot about animals.” The couple already had a rescue dog and two cats, so getting a third pet was a big deal.

When the couple saw how well she got along with their other pets, they couldn’t help but take her in. Ahlberg explained, “We really wanted this dog to know love and what a good home is.”

Daisy didn’t take long to get used to her new home. Even though she’s only a few weeks old, she’s already used to being petted and doesn’t flinch when she hears loud noises. She also gets along well with the other animals.

Ahlberg explained, “There’s less room in the bed, but she’s such a good dog that she deserves it.”

“Every morning when I pull out of my driveway to go to school, Daisy’s head is pressed against the bedroom window,” Ahlberg said. In the few weeks it has taken Daisy to get used to her new home, it has been clear that she loves her family.

While Daisy’s situation is improving, she still need surgery to fix her injuries.

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