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21/07/2023 17:42

A Dog’s Harrowing Struggle Chained Up, Starved, and Thirsty on a Balcony

Having a pet is a significant commitment that necessitates a significant amount of responsibility on the part of the owner in order to care for it. Because pets are living animals who rely entirely on their owners, their owners are responsible for their pet’s safety and well-being.

Concerned citizens recently apprehended a dog that was observed hanging from a balcony for dear life. Fortunately, it was saved before anything bad might have happened to it.

What they found on the balcony surprised them more than the tragedy occurred.

The dog, a German Shepherd, was found alone at an apartment in Egypt. What was even more disturbing was that the dog appeared to have been tethered to the balcony for several days with no evidence of food or water nearby. It was most likely hungry and had attempted to leap from the balcony as a final option to escape its deplorable conditions.

The chain wrapped around the dog’s neck

The poor dog, however, was unable to free itself since a chain was put around its neck, and the animal was choking while hanging over the balcony. Even if the dog had not been restrained by the chain, the balcony was three levels above the ground and would have resulted in terrible injury if the dog had fallen down.

The dog’s deplorable living circumstances

As fortune would have it, a guy heard the German Shepherd’s screams and rushed to its rescue.

One of the neighbors had already arrived and attempted to rescue the dog, but to no effect.

However, with the man’s assistance, they were able to bring the animal back up onto the balcony.

A concerned bystander tries to help the unfortunate dog

They found that the chain had caused severe lacerations in the neck of the dog, although they were not deadly. They realized the hound’s living conditions were horrible, as it was living in its own filth with no food or drink.

Lacerations on the dog’s neck as a result of the chain that was wrapped around it

The dog was subsequently transferred to the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals shelter to receive proper treatment for its wounds. They also treated the dog for any illnesses or ailments he may have picked up while living in such appalling conditions on the balcony. Doctors were able to patch up the incision and treated the dog as needed, allowing it to fully recover.

The German Shepherd is being treated for serious wounds.

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