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06/06/2023 17:40

Touched when the dog cried in front of the owner’s coffin.m

As animals that are close to humans, lovely dogs are always loyal to their owners. Once their owners die, they will be extremely sad, longing, and even mourning for the person who once took care of them. This is also a touching story that many people have shared on Philippine social networks recently.

The lost dog and the old professor

Four years ago, there was a dog with white fur, a little yellow patch on his head and ears, lost in Manila, Philippines. Fortunately, he was adopted by a man and named Buboy. This man is a professor named Carmelito Marcelo, 58 years old teaching at Mabalacat City University in Pampanga, Philippines.

 Buboy vốn là một chú chó đi lạc được vị giáo sư nhặt về nuôi.

Buboy was originally a stray dog that was picked up by a professor.

The professor loves the dog very much. He was always the one to take care of and bring food to this four-legged friend. In response, Buboy also has special feelings for him. Every day, he often goes to school and lies at the feet of the professor who plays with him on campus.

 Buboy thường xuyên tới trường và nô đùa cùng vị giáo sư.

Buboy often goes to school and plays with the professor.

But those beautiful days did not last long, because one day Professor Marcelo suffered a stroke and was taken to the emergency room. After several weeks of intensive care, he did not survive and died on May 18.

 Một ngày nọ, vị giáo sư bị đột quỵ còn chú chó vốn chẳng biết chuyện gì xảy ra, cứ ngồi ngóng đợi trước cửa lớp học.

One day, the professor had a stroke and the dog, who didn’t know what happened, sat waiting in front of the classroom.

Buboy’s touching farewell to the old professor

Although his master is dead, Buboy is still completely oblivious. It still waits for the professor at the classroom door every day. Buboy’s eyes of expectation and disappointment made many lecturers and students at the school feel heartbroken and sad.

Cảm động chú chó khóc nấc trước quan tài của vị giáo sư, người từng là chủ nhân của nó

 Buboy sau đó đã được các sinh viên của vị giáo sư đưa tới đám tang.

Buboy was then taken to the funeral by the professor’s students.

In the face of Buboy’s hopeless expectations for the professor, his students decided to take Buboy to the funeral to say a final goodbye to their master. Standing in front of the old professor’s coffin, Buboy cried out painfully like crying, making everyone present there extremely emotional.

Cảm động chú chó khóc nấc trước quan tài của vị giáo sư, người từng là chủ nhân của nó

 Buboy nằm lặng thinh trước linh cữu của vị giáo sư.

Buboy lay silently in front of the professor’s coffin.

Not only that, the dog also lingered in the coffin for a long time, touched the photo with his front paws and patiently lay beside the coffin when he realized his owner was lying there. Buboy seemed to understand that this was probably the last time he would see the old professor, his beloved friend and master.

Cảm động chú chó khóc nấc trước quan tài của vị giáo sư, người từng là chủ nhân của nó

 Buboy sau đó được các sinh viên, nhân viên trong trường nuôi nấng. Họ cũng lên kế hoạch tìm một ngôi nhà mới ấm áp cho chú. 

Buboy was then raised by students and staff at the school. They also plan to find a warm new home for him.

It is known that after the funeral, Buboy was raised by staff, students and faculty in the school. They also plan to help him find a warm home, a new owner who will love him like the old professor did. Let’s wish Buboy soon find his new friend and that person will love him like the professor who passed away!

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